19 Disney Photos That Totally Capture the First 100 Days of Trump’s Presidency

#1 — When Trump was sworn in as our 45th president:

#2 – When women marched in solidarity around the globe the next day:

#3 – When Trump signed an executive order to reverse Obama’s decision and advance the progress of the Keystone and Dakota Access Pipelines:

#4 – When Trump instituted the immigration ban:

#5 – When the immigration ban was struck down by the courts — twice:

#6 – When National Security Advisor Michael Flynn resigned amid controversy over Russia contacts:

#7 – When Trump was lauded as “presidential” for reading his congressional address from a teleprompter without fucking up:

#8 – When Trump Tweeted that Obama “had gone to wire tapp” his phones during the election, without providing a shred of evidence:

#9 – When, after an investigation, both Democrats and Republicans verified there is, in fact, no evidence to support Trump’s claim:

#10 – When Trumpcare failed, even with the GOP controlling Congress:

#11 – When the U.S. launched a missile strike on Syria without any strategy and with 86 civilians killed:

#12 – When Trump forgot where he’d launched a missile strike and bragged he was eating “the most delicious chocolate cake” at Mar-a-Lago when he made the decision to launch it: 

#13 – When Neil Gorsuch was confirmed for the Supreme Court, after Merrick Garland’s nomination was ignored for more than a year:

#14 – When the U.S. dropped the “Mother of All Bombs” on Afghanistan:

#15 – When the Senate confirmed Betsy DeVos as Secretary of Education:

#16 – When Trump proposed his new tax plan that would give 47% of the tax cuts to the top 1% and raise the deficit:

#17 – When Trump tried to intimidate Kim Jong-un by saying he had an armada headed to North Korea, when it was really heading toward Australia:

#18 – Every. Single. Time. Trump. Tweets.



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