5 Women’s Suffrage Shirts That Won’t Make You Look So Fat

5 Women’s Suffrage Shirts That Won’t Make You Look So Fat


Because you want people to notice your feminism — not your love handles!

Today we commemorate the 96th anniversary of the ratification of a woman’s right to vote, an exciting time when we ladies hug our voter registration cards a little closer, crack open the Alice Paul biographies and honor glass ceiling-shattering women who paved the way for us by posting sweet-ass Susan B. Anthony GIFs on Twitter.

Werk it, Susan!

Like most important days in women’s history, however, it’s mostly what youwear that matters. That’s why I’ve tracked down the cutest and most flattering 19th Amendment shirts, so people will notice your feminism — not your love handles!


Check out this adorable “Vote Yes for Woman Suffrage” shirt from Zazzle. Not only is black universally flattering, but the upward speech bubble draws the eyes away from the extra inches around your waist!


Trust me, nobody will even notice your cankles when they’re too busy judging Elizabeth Cady Stanton’s hair and telling her to “SMILE!” [Zazzle]


We’ve come a long way, ladies — from not even having the right to vote to holding a seat in the highest court in the land. And, thankfully, those leftover summer barbecue pounds will appear to melt away when you cover the entirety of your upper body with Ruth Bader Ginsburg. [Zazzle]


Have your Grandmom Henry’s “meaty” genes? Scarf down too many Swedish Fish last night? No worries. Simply draw attention to your generous sense of humor instead of your generous muffin top! LOL. [Zazzle]


Don’t be afraid to get creative! Nothing hides the extra weight around your middle like holding a Susan B. Anthony throw pillow in front of it. [RedBubble]



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