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Liber-nazis Attack Kellyanne Conway for Fabricating a Terrorist Attack to Save Our Nation from More Fake Terrorist Attacks

I now humbly turn over the blog to our guest columnist, The Patriot Lady…

I tell ya, those liberal elites will stop at nothing to discredit an Islamophobic liar. Disgusting.

What Kellyanne Conway told MSNBC’s Chris Matthews in defense of President Trump’s totally-not-a-Muslim-ban Muslim ban:

“I bet it’s brand new information to people that President Obama had a six-month ban on the Iraqi refugee program after two Iraqis came here to this country, were radicalized and they were the masterminds behind the Bowling Green massacre. It didn’t get covered.”

As usual, Kellyanne was right–it was brand new information because none of that ever happened. Of course, the elite media POUNCED on the poor woman, citing actual facts based on demonstrable history proving that Obama didn’t ban the Iraqi refugee program and that there was no such thing as the Bowling Green massacre. And who’s to say she wasn’t referring to the massacre that happened on the bowling greens of Mount Dora Lawn Bowling Club in July of 2003?

They CRUSHED the Watertown Nursing Home on the bowling greens that day. Massacred, some would say.

I, for one, am so TIRED of the left pushing “correctness.” Whatever happened to the days when a Muslim-hating, war-mongering administration could make up a “massacre,” then later Tweet a half-assed correction admonishing the media for admonishing her for promulgating fear-inciting lies without being admonished? *Sigh* I miss those days, I really do.


Finally! President Donald Trump Puts Australia In Its Place

Today’s op-ed from my guest columnist, The Patriot Lady…

In a world where an Afghan woman’s ears are cut off by her husband and Syrian toddlers are washed ashore, we all know where we need to direct our ire:


So I tip my felt bucket hat to President Donald J. Trump, who bravely berated the Australian prime minister on a call yesterday, when past presidents were too wimpy to kangaroo-kick our longtime ally for no good reason. It takes a real man, a true patriot like President Trump, to try to weasel out of an agreement to accept 1250 refugees fleeing terror, beat his chest about the size of his electoral college victory (as sizable as his hands!), then hang up faster than Prime Minister Turnbull can say “Maybe the dingo ate your baby.”

Let’s be honest: Australia has a long history of trying to stick us with dangerous exports. Shrimp on the barbie, for example. Kath & Kim. This guy…

Not to mention their actors are always stealing our Hollywood jobs. Step off, Blanchett and Jackman! Somewhere in New Jersey, that third Jonas Brother is wondering why a Hemsworth is getting the roles that should be his. Is this really how we want to treat the third Jonas Brother, America? Okay, sure, Australians are abnormally attractive, fun and talented, but under Trump, we will stand for it no more!


Trump Will Be the Most Amazing, Tremendous President Ever. Believe Me.

Guest op-ed by John Barron

Forget those other loser papers. Rigged! This is the only endorsement that matters.

On November 8, 2016, the American people will decide between two presidential contenders: a disaster of a woman with no stamina or gold-plated sink fixtures in her house (sad!); and Donald Trump, a terrific man, truly incredible, who has billions and billions of dollars and an understanding of U.S. health care policy as sizable as his hands.

Just kidding, folks. There is no decision for you to make. Because there is only one choice in this election. In fact, our editorial board, consisting of yours truly — which, believe me, is all we need on this board because I have a very good brain and have endorsed lots of things, like steaks and vodka and now the leader of the free world — has declared Donald Trump the winner of this election.

How do I, the editorial board who is totally not Donald Trump, already know Donald Trump is the winner? Because he’s not a loser, people. He is very, very smart. He is very, very successful. And he does very good things.

Also, if I say it, it must be true. I’m not a liar like Crooked Hillary, who founded ISIS in high school and goosed Barbara Bush in the Rose Garden. Many people are saying.

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