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President Trump Delights Fellow NATO Leaders with His Usual Charm and Grace

During a meeting with fellow NATO leaders in Brussels on Thursday, President Donald Trump made sure he was front and center for photographers by pushing aside Prime Minister Milo Dukanovic of Montenegro. Thanks to lip-reading skills that I acquired when I lived in a New York apartment next to a hot-dog cart storage garage that doubled as a nightclub so I couldn’t hear my guests, TV or own thoughts, I happen to know exactly what was said during this cringe-worthy moment! Check it out:

Trump had already charmed everyone by previously describing the Belgian capital, the site of the meeting, as a “hellhole.” He’s also repeatedly described NATO as “obsolete” — but not as obsolete as, say, the Trump Taj Mahal (RIP) or Rudy Giuliani — and delivered a speech at this meeting trashing NATO countries for failing to meet their “financial obligations”—which, as you can see, was a big hit with our European allies:

“Is the guy who’s notorious for stiffing contractors, not paying taxes and defrauding thousands of Trump University students seriously lecturing us on not meeting ‘financial obligations’?!”

Oh yes, yes, he is.